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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi all

Greetings to you in the matchless Name – JESUS! He is our life and our hope.

Update on recent items… thanks for having prayed!!!
1. Arielle, Karen's niece is continuing her Spanish studies… she decided to focus solely on receiving tutoring through a friend of ours…
2. Kristin Bond (1 year intern) is integrated into the Cáceres team, has been set up in student housing with a Spanish room-mate, and is busy studying Spanish and participating with the Cáceres “El Puente” church
3. Tamara Lizardo no longer has to hold the fort on her own! Thankfully her husband Paul is back at home after several months of separation due to ministry responsibilities in Germany!
4. Natalie Carley – continuing to look for a suitable organization to work under in Spain. For several logistical reasons, we felt that at this time she would be better off working with another group. Please do pray for her, as we believe her ministry in Spain to be valuable.
5. Karen and I attended a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Transition Seminar this past weekend. Wow, it was encouraging! We are learning more about how to understand and minister to our girls at this stage in life. This seminar encouraged us to see that we ARE doing some things well, and also showed us areas we can improve on.

Prayer focus for this week…
1. Encouragement in the Lord – He is our strength! Our whole family has run the initial cold virus gamut in the past weeks. So, we're not "on our game" all the time! I, especially, need help with a good perspective (and attitude!) in these times.
2. Finalizing preparations for Fall Retreat... we'll be meeting as a field for a retreat focused on "the value of team" and what it means for us, spread apart by a number of kilometers, to be "team."
3. Assisting in leadership transitions in Calatayud... Juan Carlos and his wife Tere are pulling back from some of their responsibilities in Calatayud as planned. However, the replacement couple, Craig and Brenda Landrum, have not yet arrived. I, and others in our team, will be supplementing... so, travel, preparation, involvement, discernment... leadership wisdom needed!
4. Diligence, memory… our girls are beginning a series of evaluation tests (normal for October and November). Please pray for them as they enter this phase in the school cycle.

Thanks for your prayers! We are grateful for your partnership with us.

Jacob and Karen Ginter

P.S. Pictures taken by Carly - Thanks girl!!


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