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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hi all!

Just a short note to say THANKS for praying! My interactions in Spain have been SO encouraging and fruitful!

Upcoming Events
Connecting with Spain Team members in Badajoz (South-Western Spain) and Béjar (Western Spain), connecting with Parent-Teacher Association friends in Pozuelo, connecting with friends in El Escorial. I have 4 more days to love on, enjoy, encourage, and interact with my friends in Spain!

Encouraging Interactions
My time with the team in Velilla was so encouraging! God loves the town of Velilla so much that He's raised up 2 couples to partner with the church in Mejorada to establish a new church in Velilla! What a blessing to interact with this team, working through expectations, enjoying their company, and meeting new people in Velilla during my time there. God is working in ways we have yet to celebrate!!! Pray with me that this group of God's children will see a strong community of believers established in Velilla!

Christian Publishing
Hearing Juan Carlos share of his vision to continue developing his publishing company (Setelee) filled me with hope of reaching the authours and publishers in Spain! I hope to have more available to share with you next week (especially for those who read Spanish!)

Steps of Faith
Lunch is always a good thing in Spain! During yesterday's lunch, a good friend, Manolo, expressed steps of faith I'd never heard him express before! His affirmation of Scripture as truth, of God as GOOD, and his stories of sharing with others at work thrilled me! Manolo would still say that he's not "in" the faith, but his conversation betrays a clear work of God's Spirit in his life. Wow, God is SO GOOD! Please keep praying with me for Manolo and Nieves, that God would open his eyes to the steps of faith he's taken, and that his heart would open fully to embrace the truth and love of Jesus Christ, our glorious, loving, amazing Saviour!

I have experienced MANY such stories during my short time in Spain. Wow, I'm encouraged to see how HIS joyous work continues in this country our family has come to love.

Thanks again for praying!


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