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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hi all

The Manitoba work-team project is progressing tremendously! I've been amazed at these people's energy levels, and their commitment to finishing this rather overwhelming project!

About a year ago, Harvey and Jeannine Schellenberg offered a team to do a project in Spain. The retaining wall on our guest house/training centre/retreat centre was coming down. So, we organized a "Retaining Wall Building Project." They recruited 9 others to join them from South-Eastern Manitoba, raised the funds for this project, and now we're all into it! Incidentally, this is the pilot project for "Beyond A Handshake Ministries," a new short-term organization founded by Harvey and Jeannine and some friends. What a privilege to be a part of this!

Check out the following website for pictures and short progress reports. . You'll also learn more about their ministry on this site.

We are SO grateful for this team! Won't you continue to pray for us as we work together?

Praise Items
- No interruptive rain to date!
- No serious injuries (although there's been a few scrapes and bumps!)
- The devotional and praise times have been tremendous (thanks to members of our World Team family in Spain!)
- We're progressing right on schedule!

Prayer Items
- Continued energy levels
- An enjoyable change/rest this weekend (we'll be seeing some of the sights around Madrid, visiting the Aluche church where our family attends, and watching "the running of the bulls" in Velilla de San Antonio!)
- For God to have freedom in all our lives as we consider thoughts from John Piper's book "Fifty Reason for the Passion of Jesus Christ" in our devotional times.

Thanks for your prayers!

Jacob Ginter


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