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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dear Prayer Partners

It’s been awhile since we’ve written. Interestingly, it’s often exactly in times when we most need prayer that we tend to communicate the worst!

Luis Palau Campaign Follow up

This has been a good summer, in many ways. The Luis Palau campaign was quite successful in attracting many people, and even in bringing people to the point of praying to receive Christ. Out of the 10 people from our area that filled out decision cards at the campaign, we have 2 people regularly attending our Bible Studies. It has been a great pleasure to have Liliana and her daughter, Romina, join us for the Friday night studies. We will continue to pursue the other people, hoping to include them in our study, or help them become involved with another established Spanish church.

Manitoba Work Team Coming to Spain!

On Thursday, September 15, 11 people from Manitoba will be coming to Spain. They are coming primarily to rebuild the retaining wall on a guest-house/training centre/retreat centre owned by our organization in Spain (Iniciativa Cristiana Evangelica). During their time in Spain they will learn about different organizations working in Spain to plant churches and extend the Good News of Jesus Christ, will visit Spanish Evangelical churches, and learn about the Spanish culture, among other things. Please pray that this trip will be beneficial to all involved, serving to grow the vision of what God is doing in Spain. Pray that we’ll be able to complete the wall project in the time allotted to us.

School’s IN!

Megan and Carly begin school on Monday, September 12. Megan enters grade 5 while Carly moves into grade 3. Jacob continues to serve as PTA president. Please pray for us as we enter into another year of relationship development with our school friends.

New Responsibilities

Jacob has been asked to serve as interim field director in Spain for World Team for this coming year. This will require more travel and communication. Please pray for wisdom in planning, reorganizing of our schedules, and discernment as we allocate priorities.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We are learning, growing, and experiencing the grace of God more and more each day as we serve Him here in Spain.

Jacob and Karen Ginter


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