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Monday, May 16, 2005

Greetings from Spain! Below you'll find a few of the things that are occupying our thoughts these days. We'd appreciate your prayers as we move ahead on the agenda God opens up for us.

Executive Brief
Spain Field Prayer Conference - May 2005 (Just ahead!)
Luis Palau Evangelistic Event - June 2005 [YOU COULD BE INVOLVED!]

Have you seen the most recent Mustard Seed? Website: - Mustard Seed - Winter 2005

What Happened...
The Europe LEAD Meetings allowed for some great interaction with World Team leaders from Italy, France, England, Russia, Hungary, Moldova, and Africa (hope I didn't miss anyone!) I was encouraged at the way World Team's "Mission Future" focus is working its way into our ministry area.

Spain Field Strategic Planning Meetings - This also went quite well. We experienced substantial progress on the planning process, but there's a lot of work left to be done. This continues to be an item of prayer as we hammer out the details of our plan, and begin implementation over this next year.

What's Happening...

Prayer Conference - May 20-26, 2005
The prayer conference is coming up fast! Although this year's turnout is not what we expected, we are anticipating an excellent time of learning together, praying together, and seeing God work in and through us. Most of the details have been covered off, and we're preparing for a good week. For more info on the conference, go to and click on Prayer Conference to see the brochure. (PDF format)

Nearly 200 Madrid area churches are banding together for this grand scale Evangelistic Outreach! 220 people in Spain have committed to fasting and prayer, skipping their noon-day meal on a rotating basis, for the outpouring of blessing at this event. This past Monday (May 09) I attended a 2 hour prayer demonstration in front of Madrid's City Hall. The city government has been slow in granting a site for FestiMadrid. It was a tremendous experience of camaraderie and solidarity as 500-600 believers kneeled to pray that God would pour out His blessings on Madrid and that we would be allowed to share the Gospel in this way to the people of Madrid. Later that same afternoon we received a response! FestiMadrid will take place beside Madrid's famous bull-ring "Las Ventas," a good public area with open access and plenty of space for the size of crowd we are expecting (50,000!) We praise God for this tremendous answer to prayer! Continue to pray as more details are finalized and the last month of activities winds this event to its peak! For more info see

Part of the preparation for this event involves praying for our friends. Would you be interested in joining in this? Our little Bible Study group prays for 80+ people daily (10 per person). To join us in this, please send me an email (, requesting the names of people to pray for. We really want more people to experience our great Saviour personally!

Thanks for reading this, and for praying. More and more we recognize our total dependence on God. Thanks for standing with us in this.

Jacob and Karen Ginter



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