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Thursday, March 31, 2005

April and May prayers bring June results?????

Executive Brief
Europe LEAD Meetings - April 2005
Spain Field Strategic Planning Meetings - April 2005
Spain Field Prayer Conference - May 2005
Luis Palau Evangelistic Event - June 2005 [YOU COULD BE INVOLVED!]

Have you seen the most recent Mustard Seed? Website: - Mustard Seed - Winter 2005

What Happened...

Lois Drake received her extension to stay in Spain until the end of the school term. Praise God!
Conrad and Deborah are doing very well after some health issues. Thank You Lord for caring for our loved ones!

What's Happening...

Europe Lead Meetings - April 12-17, 2005
Jacob travels with Chris Faith, field director for World Team in Spain, to Hastings, England for a week of meetings with other European World Team members. Please pray especially for Karen and the girls in Jacob's absence. The meetings will focus on issues surrounding training, leadership development, and church multiplication movements.

Spain Field Strategic Planning Meetings - April 29 - May 02
Members of World Team Spain have set aside these dates to plan forward for the various ministry areas represented. Our girls LOVE these opportunities to interact with the children of other field members. David Riddel, area director for Europe and Africa plans to join us for these meetings.

Prayer Conference - May 20-26, 2005
I'm excited about this opportunity to pray with others for Spain, the believers in Spain, and for those who have not yet realized the wonder of knowing Christ as personal Lord and Saviour. The worship time promises to be great, and the entire event coincides well with FestiMadrid. For more info on the conference, go to and click on Prayer Conference to see the brochure. (PDF format)

Approximately 150 churches in Madrid continue preparations for the Luis Palau event, "FestiMadrid," slated for June 20-25. FestiMadrid is a grand scale Evangelistic Outreach, with a 600,000 budget! 220 people in Spain have committed to fasting and prayer, skipping their noon-day meal on a rotating basis, for the outpouring of blessing at this event. People are starting to hear about this event! One business woman, not a believer, has donated ALL the money necessary for the printing of 7000 training manuals for the "Festival Friends" [counsellors]. Christian leaders are meeting with government officials THIS week to make a clear petition for the use of a very public site to host this event. (

Part of the preparation for this event involves praying for our friends. Would you be interested in joining in this? Our little Bible Study group prays for 80+ people daily (10 per person). To join us in this, please send me an email (, requesting the names of people to pray for. We really want more people to experience our great Saviour personally!

thanks again for your prayers. We know that "without HIM we can do nothing."


Jacob and Karen Ginter



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