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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hi all

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers! God’s goodness and graciousness continues to pour out in ways that cause me to praise Him! I’ve recently been so encouraged to remember that the power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power at work within us (believers), conforming us to HIS will, freeing us from sin’s grasp, and empowering us to serve and obey HIM to HIS glory, the benefit of those around us, and our own joy. What an amazing privilege!

Photos - Adam and Brittany Thielmann, married Oct 17. My brother's (Art and Cheryl Ginter) eldest

What Happened?
- Trip to Manitoba – good connections, forward movement in relationships, and an amazing wedding 
- Representation at People’s Church Toronto – encouraging people to be involved at the level they are called to
- CCCOWE NACC – that’s a mouthful! Basically means Paul and I represented WT at a Chinese Church conference in Toronto – good follow up plans are being executed 
- EBC prayer group is moving forward – there are now 3 students praying regularly on campus – seeking God through prayer and scripture – I’m pumped!!!!

What’s Happening?
- Final orientation for Lima Pastor’s Team – Sunday, Nov 01 in Brampton
- Best Practices for Church Missions – leading a church in SW Ontario through this process – Nov 06-07
- WT Mobilization Fund-Raising Dinner – November 14 (I still need to sell about 20 tickets)
- Carly's graduation ceremony (High School) takes place Friday, Nov 07.

Thanks for your prayers! Remember – God is able to do ABUNDANTLY MORE than we can ask for or even imagine (according to the power at work within us – JESUS!!!!) – Eph. 3.20



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