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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi all!

Thanks for praying this past week!

My trip to Málaga went well. It was GREAT to connect with the CRM team there. I'm excited about what these people bring to the church planting scene in Spain. The big issue they face right now is waiting for visas for all the members. One family in particular, the Gonzalez family, now has a visa for the husband, but not for the wife and children. Please be in prayer for this!

Health issues are improved, and I'm thankful for that! Karen did some tests, to eliminate possible heart issues and it’s all good. Again, I'm thankful for that! We still want to do a little more testing, so you could be in prayer for that!

This week
I have lots of admin work to do. To be honest, it's tough for me to focus on that! But, alas, it's a necessary part of the process. Thankfully, one BIG item (updating our address list) is DONE for this round!!

The weekend, our family, along with Arielle, is visiting Cáceres and Mérida. This is our last tourist trip with Arielle... wow, her time with us is swiftly coming to a close! The trip will include some tourism, but also allow me to connect with our team in Cáceres. Should be good!

Thanks again for your prayers! I am reminded daily of our need for God, and am encouraged in that!



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