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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Praying Friends

“Praise Him, praise Him, all you little children! God is love! God is love!”

That little chorus gives us a great reminder! To be sure, there’s much to praise God for! Let me share a few things…

Photos: Jamal's (family friend)baptism at GBC, celebration lunch shots after baptism, FOCUS workshop shots

What Happened?
- Finalizing preparations for Catalyst Services “FOCUS Facilitator Training” - @ People’s Church next Tuesday/Wednesday. I look forward to this learning event! – This event was excellent! There are so many valuable and fruitful ways to involve all members of a congregation in cross-cultural ministry! I look forward to sharing this with some of the churches I serve!
- Connecting with Appointees – Pamela Walford (appointee to Suriname), Angeline Bowman (appointee to Cameroon) – These connections have gone really well. God is moving both ladies forward in ministry, and is using them RIGHT NOW during their preparation phase. More on that below!
- Coaching team-mates – Treven Young (Calgary) is facilitating a process for a young lady seeking to serve in Africa shortly. I am coaching him through this process – Treven’s moving ahead on this. I hope to have more details in the coming weeks. Right now we’re waiting for clear direction from our field staff – pray our interactions will not hinder the wonderful ministry they are currently involved with. Field staff juggle a number of responsibilities – including the integration of short-term, mid-term and new long-term staff. I want the field to grow… but not at the expense of what they’re already doing!!!!
- Baptism @ Guelph Bible Chapel – I did not mention this last week, but a family friend was baptized last Sunday at Guelph Bible Chapel (GBC). Jamal came to Christ after interacting with Carly at school. Her excitement about Jesus after our summer VBS program (Oasis) piqued his curiosity. He began attending church in August, participating in the youth program in the fall, and recently, upon confession of his faith in Christ, was baptized! We are PUMPED! Please pray for Jamal as he grows as a believer, interacts with his family (Muslim parent-figures), and lives out his faith at school. His grasp of biblical truth is so encouraging, and I know he desires to live this out, not simply say the words.

What’s Happening?
- Prayer for Angeline's friend - Angeline serves a group of marginalized people in a Canadian city... this week we're praying especially for a young lady that's way in over her head - Angeline has arranged for an "out" - but there are difficult circumstances. Please pray for safety, healthy outcomes, and a stable future for Angeline's friend.
- Connecting with GTA area churches – I have arranged to meet with pastors from 2 large Chinese churches in the GTA to discuss partnership options. Toronto Chinese churches are poised strategically to partner with World Team in a variety of ministries - in Canada, in SE Asia, and in Latin America. Pray for an open door for beneficial partnership that leads to the establishment of churches around the world!
- Prayer @ University of Guelph – I’m praying with U of G students who gather 5 days/week to pray. Power to Change Guelph ministries worker, Mandy Blackburn, is part of this movement. I only go one day a week, but these students meet DAILY! I challenge my Bible College friends to match this! As a result of this prayer, more than 30 students have accepted Christ on the U of G campus alone this fall! Join with me in praying that MANY across Canada would come to know our Saviour through the vital ministry of Power to Change! I love it!!!!
- Ongoing mobilization efforts – please pray as I connect with people. One donor recently said, "May God mobilize at least ONE more full time missionary in 2014, due to this small extra gift that I believe He laid on my heart to share with you via World Team!" Wow, that's the spirit!!!! Lord, send out workers into your fields of Harvest!
- Please pray for Betsy Stoltzfus, a former team-mate in Spain (she's still serving there). Betsy recently lost her mother to cancer, and now her father is nearing the end. It's been a difficult year for her, but I see her glowing with God's love and strength as she loves her dad in tangible ways. Will you join me in praying for her?
- One last item… Carly is in her High School Musical this week (Thu/Fri/Sat) – she’s excited!

Thanks for your prayers!

Jacob Ginter
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