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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Itís time to celebrate!

Jesus told us that heaven celebrates whenever anyone repents & returns to God (see Luke 15.7). As the church, Jesusí representation on earth, we celebrate when people profess their faith in Christ, and then celebrate corporately when people express their faith through baptism.

This past weekend, Megan, our 12 year old daughter, chose to be baptized as an expression of her desire to know and follow Christ throughout her life! That was so exciting for us as a family, and for the whole church family at Guelph Bible Chapel!

Being involved in seeing new reproducing communities of believers established in Spain, Iím thrilled at the reproductive aspect of this event!

At age 20, I expressed outwardly, through baptism, what Christ had worked in my heart. It was an opportunity to identify with the corporate body of Christ, forming part of a local church: Silberfeld CMC - Manitoba. Now my daughter has chosen to follow in that same direction, expressing to others what Christ means to her, and declaring her desire to follow Him all the days of her life, identifying herself with the corporate body of Christ, and taking part in a local church: Guelph Bible Chapel - Ontario.

Thatís thrilling! Thatís reproduction!

Whether we celebrate these events as part of the Canadian church scene, or as part of the Spanish church scene, we rejoice to see that Christ is faithfully building HIS CHURCH!

Inviting you to celebrate with us!

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