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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Praying Friends

May you sense “the peace of God” (Philippians 4.7) and “the God of peace” (Philippians 4.9) today! As we approach this Christmas Season, let’s remember – Emmanuel – GOD IS WITH US!


We're coming up on Christmas, a celebration of the coming of the "Prince of Peace" - Jesus, Messiah, Lord of all. Yet, peace is far from the everyday reality of many today.

I participated in a workshop on "Understanding Islam" this weekend. One thing clear to me... there's no peace there. I was really heart-broken to hear about a religious system that only hopes of peace - they pray that Muhammed would have peace - an indication that they're not sure he does have peace.

On Sunday, Pastor Chris Timm at Guelph Bible Chapel spoke on Philippians 4.1-9 "Don't Worry - Be Joyful!" Wow, Paul reminds the believers in Philippi to "be anxious for nothing," praying instead, with a promise that "the peace of God - which surpasses our ability to comprehend it - will protect our hearts and minds!" (paraphrased - J.G. style). Then, in verse 9, he brings us back to considering the "God of peace." So, God the Father - The God of Peace, grants His children The Peace of God!

How encouraging is that! Again, it motivates me to pray, to look to Him, and to share with others, especially others that do not, for whatever reason, KNOW this God of Peace! Jesus, the Prince of Peace has come! And He points us to Our Father, and His Father - The God of Peace!

"The God of peace be with you all." (Romans 15.33

Executive Brief

What Happened?
1. Preparing materials – Thanks for your prayers!
2. World Team Corporation Banquet – We enjoyed a fantastic time of celebration, fellowship and learning. Theme - Missions is Everywhere to Everywhere

What’s Happening?
1. Preparing for a trip to Warrington for training
2. Mobilization – connecting with Churches and Individuals – I am seeking to connect with a few specific people this week, please pray that I’ll have the opportunities!

Thanks again for praying! God is graciously moving us along His paths!



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