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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Praying Friends

We are SO grateful that we can be participants with you in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And HE makes that possible!

Prayer Updates
Planning meetings... these went quite well, allowing me to serve in a prepared way yesterday, all day!

Residency Card processes...this is an ongoing request

Radio Program in Alburquerque, El Faro (Lighthouse)... this is going well, thanks for praying, and keep praying! And, if you understand Spanish, you can follow the program on RCA @ click on RCA, click on "Radio en directo," select desired format, and enjoy! Thursdays at 11am EST, and Saturdays at 10am EST.

New Requests
This week is book-ended with two very full days... Monday I was gone from early until late, visiting our team and church in Cáceres, and visiting co-workers in Navalmoral. Sunday will see me in Calatayud and Zaragoza. There's plenty to prep for that! Please pray for energy and health for our entire family... especially Carly, she's been struggling with a sore throat.

Ian Reed and Matt Bogart, both from Kitchener/Waterloo will join our family for Christmas this year. These guys are sons of friends. They're studying at Capernwray in England, and decided to enjoy Christmas in Spain! Our prayer is that this interaction will serve God’s wider purposes... in their lives and ours!

Please pray also for the Spanish population in general... the economic situation is becoming more and more difficult for many. Immigrants and nationals alike struggle with a very poor job market (20.8% unemployment in September). Government cost-cutting measures will see many families facing more hardship after some family subsidies are cut in February. Will this lead to greater spiritual openness? It is already doing so in the immigrant population...

Thanks again for your prayers, we are grateful for the way God answers prayer in our lives!



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